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Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Pumpkin Spice King Milkshake

Pumpkin spice milkshake topped with a homemade pumpkin roll cake slice, whipped cream & cinnamon

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Premium Ice Cream

52+ Flavors of custom made to order ice creams. 

Homemade Milkshakes 

52 + Milkshake flavors hand-churned with whole milk & our premium ice cream.

Famous Brownie Sundaes

Homemade dark chocolate brownie sundaes.  Peanut Butter Lover? The Bark Off The Tree Brownie Sundae is what you’ll crave! 

King Milkshakes

The ultimate milkshake topped with a sundae. Treat yourself to something special!

Banana splits

Banana Split: Ice cream layered with banana, chocolate sauce, strawberries & pineapple.

Customize it with your favorite toppings!

Dark Chocolate Brownies

Homemade dark chocolate brownies add them with any ice cream dessert!

Ex: Brownie & Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Brownie Sundaes…

Shaved Ice

Flavored Shaved Ice in a cup.

Syrup Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy, Cherry, Banana, Orange & Grape


Picture R/L:

Blue Raspberry, Grape & Cherry Sno-Burgs.

Sno-Burg: Flavored shaved ice layered with vanilla ice cream & topped with marshmallow fluff.

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