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 Since 2014

Branch’s story

9 years ago the Branch family started their ice cream journey. We knew nothing about ice cream and never built an ice cream truck before. But we knew we wanted to start a local business as a family. 


The first business idea we had was starting a seafood delivery business. After many roadblocks we decided delivering seafood wasn’t for us. But even then we didn’t give up on starting our family business. 


While searching all over the internet for our next business idea. We discovered an advertisement for an ice cream truck in New York City. That ice cream truck sparked the idea to start our soft-serve ice cream truck business in the Shenandoah Valley. 


It took us three and a half years

We wanted to use ice cream to connect people to memories of happier times.


Little Ice Cream Truck’s Past

Before meeting us our little ice cream truck was already helping others during different periods of its life. You may be surprised but the little ice cream truck originally was an ambulance saving many people’s lives. 

The second job it was assigned was to be a utility truck. Hauling equipment & supplies for construction.

The day we found our little truck was on a gray rainy day. The ambulance was parked on the grass along the side of the road. The truck owner at the time wasn’t planning on selling it. But after negotiations, the little ambulance could finally come home with us!

In the span of three and a half years, the little utility ambulance is transformed into the soft-serve ice cream truck you see today. Because ice cream makes everything better!

Joy & Ice Cream…

From our experience running a family ice cream business. Ice cream is comfort food. During happy & sad times, ice cream is there in many people’s lives. That is why we try to make the best ice cream possible. Because our customer’s ice cream experience is very important to us. 


Ice cream is not just a dessert. It is an opportunity to decompress, have fun, bringing family and friends together. Even during sad and stressful times, ice cream makes everything better! Join Branch’s Soft Serve Ice Cream on our journey of bringing joy & ice cream to the Shenandoah Valley! 


Only the Best


Ice Cream

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